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Corporate Entertainment

Hiring Corporate Entertainment – Ins and Outs

Planning and creating an electrifying corporate event usually requires hiring the perfect corporate entertainment. To accomplish this objective there are two fairly straightforward steps that must be executed. However, without being aware of potential problems that often crop up when hiring event entertainment, it’s easy to end up spending more money for inferior talent that will do nothing towards improving the success of an event.

Step 1: Set a Budget

The first step in the process of finding and booking corporate event entertainment is to set a budget and determine where the money will be spent. However, it’s the entertainment that creates lasting impressions with guests, not the food and beverages. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to budget enough money toward the corporate entertainment to ensure an exciting event, even if it means reducing the amount of money spent on food and decorations.

Let’s say you’ve budgeted $5,000 for the corporate entertainment and $3,000 for food and decorations. Let’s also say your corporate entertainment will be a live cover band and that you have narrowed your selection to two bands, one priced at $5,000 and one at $6,000, but that the $6,000 band is far superior to the $5,000 band. It is usually best to pay an extra thousand to hire the better band while reducing the amount spent on the food. Your overall budget will remain the same, but the band will be superior, helping to ensure a successful party.

Step 2: Find an Honorable Booking Agent

Shady booking agents are a big threat to the success of an event. They often resort to unethical means to secure a new booking. Let’s discuss two deceptive methods that are especially important to watch out for – the bait and switch approach and the double payday scenario.

Corporate Event Entertainment

Some agents will offer great bands on their websites along with exciting promotional videos. A client may watch a video, love the band, and want to hire them. And if you were to actually get the band that’s in the video, all would be well.

Unfortunately, if the band you want is already booked on the date of your event, instead of losing your business the agent may divide the band in half and use substitutes for the other half. The band will play at two events on the same date, but only half of the band that appears in the video will show up at either event. Sometimes it won’t be a problem because both bands are stellar, but this is not always the case. If there are specific band members in the video that you feel you must have at your event, be sure to get it in writing.

Some booking agents are actually musicians in the band they are promoting. They are looking for a double payday, a commission for booking the band as well as a cut for playing in the band. And since many of these double agents don’t book any bands but their own, they don’t want you to know about other, possibly better, bands that may be available. They’ll do their best to sell you on their band, but if there’s a better band around the corner that also happens to be cheaper, you’ll never hear it from them.

If you want to end up with the highest quality corporate entertainment, be sure to find an agent that offers multiple choices so that you can choose the best entertainment at the best price. And if you’re hiring a band, it’s also a good idea to ask the agent if they are a member in one of the bands they’re promoting. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s something you should be aware of.

An honest agent doesn’t care who you hire because they’ll get a commission on any corporate entertainment you book through them. They want you to end up with the best talent for the money because they want your repeat business. They want to make sure your event is as successful as it can be.