Online Casinos

Secrets of Online Casinos

Most casinos have some secrets which average customers don’t know about. At the same time, customers make serious efforts to find out about these details more thanks to popular forums and websites. Here are some casino secrets you might be interested at knowing:

Slot games are based on C musical key

All slot games involve C musical key. Have ever thought why all casino noises don’t make a horrible sound. The answer hides behind the fact they contain the same musical key that keeps players involved.

Many casino users don’t go to bathroom

Casino users are excited about the possibility of winning big. This is the reason why they focus on the game result without seeing the bathroom. You won’t believe it but some players even wear diapers not to lose time.

Casinos are more used during night hours

It is a common practice that casinos push dealers at night to have more bets per hour. Some blackjack dealers have to deal 50 hands per hour that encourages players to bet more.

Casino venues win more than gamblers

Not only Vegas casinos make immense profits from players. It has been reported that Illinois riverboat venue can make around $1 million each week. The previous amount is estimated after calculating all expenses.

Casinos receive packages with pre-shuffled cards

Some players are crazy about lucky decks of cards and different combinations. Remember that card decks happen to be a part of machines, meaning that you won’t see the casino dealer shuffling a new deck of cards.

Smoking ban can cost a lot of money

Most casino players are smoker, especially they like smoking during the game. Thus, casinos can lose up to $20 million quarterly due to smoking ban.

When you earn around $15,000 casino follows you

Most players spend a lot of time in casino venues without being recognized by casino owners. Once they hit the jackpot, casino staff might follow your activity on a regular basis. Usually, the undesirable level of your luck for casino is estimated at $15K per one blackjack session.

Casino chips can be used as Crayons

If you have ever thought about counterfeiting a casino chip, remember that it is a rocket science. From now on, you should consider the alternative use of chips, such as crayons.

Considering all the above-mentioned nuances of land-based casinos, it does make more sense to refer to online venues such as 888 カジノ 出 金. It is safer and more convenient as you can enjoy your gambling adventure from the comfort of your home.